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Performax Physical Therapy offers a personalized hands-on approach to Physical and Occupational Therapy. Your evaluation and treatment will be performed in a comfortable friendly environment by a licensed therapist highly trained and experienced in manual techniques. Our goal is to help you “Get Back In The Game!”

Your treatment will consist of:
  • A thorough evaluation specific to your condition and an assessment of how it affects you as a whole.
  • An understandable explanation of your condition and what we will be doing to help you reach your full recovery potential.
  • A treatment plan specific to your needs including manual techniques, exercise, modalities (heat, ice, ultrasound, etc.) as needed.
  • A home exercise program to assist in the progression of your recovery.
Once your treatment has been completed we offer you Performax +30. Performax +30 allows you to utilize our facility to continue with your exercise program for 30 days following your discharge. This is offered to appropriate patients at no cost.

Performax Physical Therapy

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